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The Support Centre is here to help you find answers to questions about your Spektrix system. It’s also where you can learn new skills by following our how-to articles and videos. 

We aim to provide resources that are accurate, simple to use and easy to access, and the best part is they’re available 24/7.

TIP: You don't need to log in to access any of the content on our Support Centre. However, if you do log in you can also view the status of any Support tickets that you have submitted. Find out more about contacting Support.


What is the Support Centre?

The Support Centre is our combined, collective knowledge about Spektrix. It’s constantly evolving and we’re updating articles and publishing new content weekly.

We’re here to support you with using your Spektrix system. The Support Centre will help you learn to use your system and provides technical guidance on how to carry out certain tasks in Spektrix.

If you’re looking for inspiration or consultative information on best practices, including case studies from the community and benchmarking reports, then take a look at the Spektrix Blog or Knowledge Library.

Spektrix also offers a packed programme of events and training opportunities throughout the year which you can find out more about on our Events page. You can also visit our on demand training page - a library of training videos you watch at any time.


What can I find on the Support Centre?

 There are roughly three main types of content that you’ll find on the Support Centre:

  • Learning about and introduction articles:
    When starting with a new topic or concept, the introductory articles explain the context around certain system functions and cover example use cases.
  • How to articles:
    Step-by-step guides which explain how to use specific parts of the system. This can vary from the basics of selling a ticket to more specific ways in which to use a certain function such as setting up Customer Lists or hardware.
  • Troubleshooting articles:
    We’ve also provided guides which walk you through how to troubleshoot common problems such as with Reporting or setting up Hardware.

There are also articles which don’t fit this formula including A Guide to Standard Reports, which lists all of the Standard Reports available on your system, and articles about how to contact Support, navigating your system, and how to make a Request.


How to navigate the Support Centre

There are a number of ways you can navigate the Support Centre so that its as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for. 


Searching the Support Centre

Here are some tips for searching the Support Centre:

  • Think of the key word or phrase that is linked to what you want to know. For example, if you want to know how to set up an offer, search ‘Offers’ or ‘How to set up an Offer’. The more specific you can be the better.
  • Use Google. You can search using the Support Centre search function, however, Google is more powerful. Try searching on Google using a phrase like ‘How to set up an Event Spektrix’.

  • If you can’t find what you are looking for, try rephrasing your search or you can browse by topic.


Browse by topic

On the home page of the Support Centre, you can browse the different topics that are covered by the Support Centre. 

The categories are:

Each topic also has multiple sections where similar content is grouped together.


Navigating an article

Once you've found the article you’re looking for, you can use these tips to help you find what you are looking for within it.

In this guide section

Within each article, information is organised into headings. The headings are listed in an In this guide section in a panel on the right hand side of the article. Using the in this guide section means you can quickly navigate to the section of the article which contains the information you are looking for.



TIP: You can also copy the link to a heading by right clicking on it and selecting ‘copy hyperlink’. Doing this means you can share a link to a specific section of the article with someone else on your team.

Using Ctrl + F

To search within an article, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F (or Command/⌘ + F on a Mac) and enter a keyword. This will search the content of the article for exact matches of the query you enter and you can then scroll through each of the matches. We recommend using this method if you’re looking at a longer article or looking for something specific.

TIP: Use CTRL + F in A Guide to Standard Reports to search for a Reporting output such as “Price” and you can scroll through all of the Reports which return Price.



There are two types of notifications that you might see on the Support Centre.

  • What’s New

Clicking on the What’s New banner will open a side panel that will show alerts and updates on the Support Centre. This is a great way to stay up to date with the latest information, such as when new articles and videos are published.

  • How easy was it to find what you needed today?

This survey will pop up at the bottom of articles. If you choose to leave us feedback you also have the option of leaving your contact details and a further response. We really appreciate all feedback we receive and use this to inform our improvements to the Support Centre.


Further Reading

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