Searching for, Selecting and Adding Customer Records

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For the majority of your orders you will want to associate them with a customer. Not only does this make it easier to provide excellent customer service, it also allows you to use some cool features in Spektrix!

  • Email Address is the unifying factor with regards to individual customer records. The system will not allow there to be two customer records with the same email address on the database. 
  • If you are searching for a common name, search by email address or postcode instead.

First things first, start with a search to see if there is already a customer record in your database.


How do I search for a customer?

  • Click Customers in the Sales interface.


  • Enter some Search criteria and click Search.
  • To search by name, enter it in the format <Last Name, First Name> (see image above).
  • You can search with just part of the name to make the process quick e.g. <Du, Spek> as a short way of searching for <Dude, Spektrix>
  • Advanced search allows you to search by more criteria.
  • Just clicking search will bring up everyone!


  • Click on the the customer name to review the details on the record.


  • To make any edits to the record, see 'How do I make edits to a New Customer' at the end of this article for more info
  • Here you can also see lots of information associated with the Customer Record in one place. For more information, see Navigating the Customer Record


How do I add the customer to my order?

  • After searching and finding the customer, click the basket icon to move the customer record across into the basket area.


  • If you have clicked on the customer name to view the customer record, click the basket icon on the customer record to move across.


  • When you see the customer record appear on the right hand side of the screen, the customer has been added to the basket and any orders you now make will be associated with that customer record
  • To remove, click the Red cross in the top right hand corner, next to the customer name in the basket.


How do I add a new customer?

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Customer Search Screen and click Add new individual



  • Any information you typed in to the search screen will be copied over into the new customer record. So if you have already typed the email address, you will not need to type it in a second time. Very handy!
  • Any field with a red bar on the left hand side is a required field.
  • The more information you fill in, the better!
  • Keep clicking Next to complete the record.



  • Use the Postcode Finder when entering your address to ensure that the correct information is entered (especially as some letters sound the same!)


  • Ask any Data Protection questions and tick the box if the answer is Yes.
  • If no boxes are ticked, the customer cannot be included in any mailings or emails so they could miss out on getting information about Events. This will probably make them annoyed.
  • Similarly, if you tick a box without asking the customer or if they say No, they will be included in mailings and emails. This will also probably make them annoyed.
  • To have an easy life, always ask the questions and only tick when they say Yes.



  • Apply any Tags that your venue have set up to the customer record - these will vary depending on what your venue wants to add to the customer record.
  • Click Save when you are done

save button.JPG

  • To add the customer to the record, click the Basket icon to move the record across.

basket icon.JPG


How do I make edits to a Customer Record?

 There are a number of ways to make Edits to a customer record.

  • Click on the blue pencil icon that is in the area you want to Edit blue_edit_pencil.JPG
  • Hover over the area you wish to edit which will then highlight the area with a pale blue outline and display a blue pencil. You can then either click on the blue pencil, or simply click in the area


  • Click on icons that mention Edit, such as the Edit Tags icon edit_tags.JPG
  • Click on icons that mention adding something, like Add Relationship add_relationship.JPG