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In Spektrix, Memberships are items customers can purchase which can be used to make a donation to your organisation and/or to provide access to benefits, such as special discounts and Priority Booking. They can also be used as criteria in reporting or Customer Lists.

In this article, we'll look at how to sell Memberships in the Sales Interface. If you're looking for guidance around setting up Memberships in Spektrix, have a read of our article on Setting Up Memberships.

In this article, we'll cover:

Selling Memberships

In the Sales Interface, memberships can be added to the basket in the same way as any other item. You can find memberships under Sales > Subscriptions > Memberships:


Clicking the Basket icon on any of the Memberships on this page will create a new transaction, or add that Membership to the basket if a transaction is already in progress.

Memberships require a customer to be selected before they can be added to the basket; if there isn't already a customer in the basket, Spektrix will prompt you to select one:


At this point, if there is a donation element to the Membership, you claim Gift Aid through Spektrix, and the customer selected doesn't have a current Gift Aid declaration against their record, you'll be prompted to take one:


For more information about claiming Gift Aid through Spektrix, have a read of our article on Tracking and Claiming Gift Aid.

If the Membership is eligible for auto-renewal and the customer wants to sign up for it, just tick the Auto Renew check box to set this up:


You'll be prompted to choose a card for auto-renewal payments to be taken from – you can choose whether that's the customer's current preferred card, or add a new one:


For more information on Auto-Renewable Memberships, have a read of this article.

You can then continue to add more items, or go ahead and take payment:


Once you've sold a Membership, it will appear in the customer's record under the Subscriptions section. Just scroll down to the bottom of their record and click Subscriptions > Memberships from the options bar:


Overriding Memberships

As with other items, you can override various aspects of a Membership once it's been added to the basket. To make an override, select the Membership, click the dropdown arrow next to Reserve and choose Override from the list of options:


You'll be presented with three different elements you can override:

  • Benefit amount: the portion of the Membership cost which is taken as a benefit, as opposed to a donation
  • Price: the price of the Membership
  • Period: the Membership's length. You can amend the Start date and/or the End date, or set the Membership to be Open ended

NOTE: if you change the start date, clicking the Calculate End Date button will automatically populate the end date field with the correct value, assuming you want to maintain the Membership's default length. If you amend the Membership's length, the new value will be automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom of this screen.

To override any of these elements, first tick the relevant check box, then make any amendments.

Editing Memberships

Once a Membership has been sold, it's still possible to amend the details without returning and reselling it. For example, if you wanted to change the start or end date of a Membership but forgot to do so when selling it, you can edit it after the fact.

To edit a sold Membership, you first need to find the relevant order that it was sold in. If you don't know or can't find the Order ID, you can instead go to the customer's record, scroll down to the bottom, then click Memberships from the options bar. Here you'll find a list of all Memberships that customer currently holds; if you tick the View Expired check box, you can also view their expired Memberships. For the Membership in question, click the View Order button to go to the order:


Once you're in the order, you'll find the Membership in the Other Items section:


Select the Membership by clicking on the blue people icon alongside it, then click the Reissue button. This will open up a new transaction in the usual manner, and within the basket you'll see the Membership as both an Item and a Return:


You'll notice that there's nothing to pay – because you've chosen to reissue the Membership, the system recognises that you're returning and then immediately re-selling the Membership, rather than simply returning it.

From here, override any of the Membership details in the same way as described above. Once you've done that, you can make any necessary adjustments to the payment, then re-confirm the order.

Renewing a Membership

Each Membership can be set up with a renewal period, a period of time running up to the Membership's expiration date during which a customer is entitled to renew their Membership (and potentially receive a discount, depending on how you've set the Membership up).

You can renew a Membership from one of two places: either within the customer record, or on the Memberships page in the Sales Interface.

In the customer record, in the Memberships section, you'll see a list of all current Memberships which that customer holds. Any Memberships that aren't yet in their renewal period, the blue Renew button will be greyed out; for those that are within their renewal period, the blue Renew button will be clickable:


The same will apply in the Memberships page, but only if you already have a customer added to the basket. Without a customer in the baske, there's no way for Spektrix to tell whether a particular Membership is within its renewal period; as such, all Memberships will appear with the standard Basket button enabled. Once you add a customer to the basket, any Memberships held by that customer will instead display the Renew button (either greyed out or clickable, depending on each Membership's renewal period):


Clicking the Renew button for an eligible Membership will add it to the basket as normal. From here you can sell the Membership in the same way as you would normally, although it will charge the renewal price (if this is different from the full price).

If a Membership has been set up with a grace period, customers whose Memberships have lapsed after they failed to renew them will still be eligible to purchase the same Membership again at the renewal price for the duration of the grace period. 

For example, if a Membership has a 14 day grace period, customers whose Memberships have lapsed will have 14 days after their expiration date during which they can re-purchase the Membership at its renewal price. Once they pass the 14 day grace period, however, they will have only have the option to re-purchase the Membership again at its original price.

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If you have any further questions about memberships, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.