Introduction to Tickets and Pricing

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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This article is an introduction to the main concepts related to Tickets and Pricing. You need to have these structures in place before you set up an Event.

In this article, we’ll give a brief introductions to the four main concepts that underpin Tickets and Pricing, which are: Ticket Types, Price Lists, Commissions, Donations and Ticket Designs.


Ticket Types

Ticket Types allow you to define different sorts of tickets for your Instances.

Examples of Ticket Types include: Students, Over 65s, Under 18s, Adult, Child, etc.

The price of each individual Ticket Type is determined in your Price List. 

You can use Ticket Types to power Offer Criteria, build Criteria Sets on Reports, and when building Segments in a Customer List or Auto Tags.  

To learn more about Ticket Types, take a look at the following articles:


Price Lists

A Price List is used to specify the price of each of your Ticket Types for a particular Event. 

Before you can create a Price List, you'll first need to ensure you created the Ticket Types you need for your Event. If you're creating a Price List for an Event with a reserved Seating Plan, you'll also need to be sure you have created the corresponding Price Band Overlay for your seating plan.

Whether you want to create a new Price List, or make changes to an existing one, take a look at the following Support Centre articles for help:


Ticket Donations and Commissions

Ticket Donation Structures provide the option to add Donations at the point of ticket purchase both online and in the Sales Interface. 

You can set Ticket Donations to contribute to specific Funds and adjust the donation ask based on Instance, Ticket Type, Sales Channel or price of ticket.

Ticket Commissions are charges that can be applied to individual tickets using a Ticket Commission Structure.  You can have as many Ticket Commission Structures as you need and can apply them at Instance level.

A Ticket Commission can be set as a specific value or percentage of the ticket price, and can be waived automatically for certain customers Online and in the Box Office.


Ticket Designs

The Ticket Design Tool is used to create and edit your Ticket Designs. 

Your Ticket Design will be used if you ever want to print physical tickets for events at your venue. It’s also used to generate PDF / Print at Home / E-tickets.

Read our article on The Ticket Design Tool to learn how to create and edit your Ticket Design.

Once you have your Ticket Design, you might also want to consider exploring how to set up Print at Home Tickets / E-tickets.

TIP: With your Print at Home tickets set up, you might want to consider suppressing COBO/Will Call as a Delivery Method. This means that the option to collect tickets from the Box Office at the venue won't be offered if there are other options, such as Print at Home tickets, available.


Further Reading

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